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We specialize in pressure relief safety management to comply with OSHA 1910.119 and API 520 and API 521. We ensure clients with facilities and plants in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries comply with the latest safety code and safety engineering best practices. Our core business is to audit existing plants and facilities, including both on-shore and off-shore, that the plants existing relief equipment are brought to the current standards and codes. We would inform the clients if their relief devices and flare header networks would relief any over-pressure scenario (under API 521) safely under the latest methodology and best practices. This is very critical as each pressure relief device is the last defense again overpressure and explosion

  • PRD Adequacy - iPRSM
  • Process Modelling
  • Training

Our main business is in PRD adequacy study. When evaluating the pressure relief requirements for a facility, it is important to examine all possible means by which a pressure relief requirement may arise. All applicable scenarios for a protected system should be evaluated and calculated. For many systems, one scenario will require the largest orifice area, while another has the highest associated inlet pressure drop, and a third scenario has the highest associated outlet pressure drop. The ability to automatically calculate multiple applicable scenarios is one of the primary advantages of iPRSM over spreadsheet based calculation tools.

iPRSM is a unique solution for the design, audit and documentation of both new and existing pressure relief systems, including the associated disposal (flare) system.

The standard overpressure scenarios as per API 521 can be automatically loaded into a Protected System in iPRSM. For further information on overpressure scenarios, please consult the API 521 guidance document.

Users are not limited to the typical API 521 overpressure scenarios and may define alternative scenarios for their facilities within iPRSM.

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Why Use IPRSM?

To complement our offering in PRSM, We also offer other services in the area of safety study/review (Process Safeguarding Diagram, HAZOP, etc) and also process simulation.
The steady state and dynamic modeling project are normally required to complement our offering on pressure relief engineering audit. As an independent engineering company, Winmore is able to define and use only the best software that will suit the applications. Our engineers are familiar with major simulation software such as:

• Aspen Suite (HYSYS, Aspen Plus, Flarenet, Aspen Tasc)
• VMGSim
• Pro II
• Flaresim
• Promax

Several training modules are available. This standard training curriculum is designed to enable trainees to become proficient in all aspects of pressure relief safety management.

• RV 101 Introduction to Relief Devices
• RV 201 Mechanics of iPRSM®
• RV 301 Relief Contingencies
• RV 411 Two Phase Flow & Distillation
• RV 511 Case Study Review
• RV 601 Introduction to Flare & Blowdown Analysis

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